Bhrigus is a Mukul Latika, a leader amongst the Mukul society of the Mehadi Swamp. If one would seek to learn of the Mukul, it is advised to bring an offering for the knowledge, as the Mukul are very guarded about their society. Bhrigus can be found in the Rishi Mukul Gathering ((1,9)).

Skills and SpellsEdit

Bhrigus knows secrets of the swamp that are largely usefull to aislingkind, and will teach them if you are capable and provide the neccesary payment.




Hello. What can I do for you?


Offer something to learn from this Latika?

I'd like to learn about you

I am a Latika. We deal with creatures. We fight enemies. We train animals and we handle disputes and political alliances.

I'd like to learn about Mukul politics

We created a pact with the humans to give them our precious flower, the Tulsi. They must appease Natesh.

Dissenters to our politics leave. They are the Chandi. They live in other parts of the Mehadi. They will attack out of anger. The Tirtha Chandi are the most dangerous and hateful.

I'd like to learn about Mukul society

Social titles:

  • Jivanta: Life-giver
  • Kerani: Artisan
  • Latika: Leader
  • Vibha: Keeper of Time

Mukul of Mehadi are born into one of these titles.

Social status:

  • Rishi: Sage
  • Zudora: Laborer
  • Chandi: Outcast

Mukul of Mehadi earn their status.

I'd like to learn about animals

We care for frogs, which are sacred. Never harm a frog.

Be careful in your journeys, especially in the shifting swamp. There, you cannot easily see the creatures. Be sure, though that even when you cannot see it, you do not slay a frog.

The Malini Vipers are the gardeners of Mehadi. They care for many of the flowers and blossoms here. They are very jealous of their garden. The Malini Vipers are touched by water. Anala Vipers are even more jealous than the Malini. The Anala Vipers are touched by fire.

Beware of the poisonous or blinding leech here.

Beware the shrieker which can release spores that will make you drowsy.

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