Blaise is the librarian at the Library of Loures. As such he is widely acknowledged as one of the most educated people in all of Temuair. While he does his best to procure rare tomes and scrolls from all eras and regions of Temuair, he is often criticized as being a tool of Loures campaign to suppress information that they feel is damaging or dangerous. Though he is contractually obligated to carry out the courts wishes, his thirst for knowledge is insatiable and will often help Aislings to find forbidden volumes and information if he senses they are passionate about the information they seek.

Botany BookEdit

While most of the books in Blaise's care may only be read while in the Library, he is happy to sell you a tome on the common flora of Temuair. You can purchase the Temuairian Botany Book from Blaise for 25,000 coins.

Conix LoreEdit

Main Article: Conix Lore

"I cannot say anything. Perhaps... Oh, I can't. Should you find a Historian, Bard, Lorekeeper or Philosopher. They may explain it to you. Say nothing to anyone else! My safety rests in your secrecy."

Library of LouresEdit

Main Article: Library of Loures

Welcome to the Library of Loures. Peruse one of the four subjects written by talented Aislings.


Read accounts of ancient and recent history by the finest Aisling historians of Temauir. View the grey slate of history on the far left.


Be enchanted by the finest Aisling bards of Temuair. View the grey slate of lore on the middle right.


Study lore written by the finest Aisling lorekeepers of Temuair. View the grey slate of lore on the middle left.


Consider the wisdom of the finest Aisling philosphers of Temuair. View the grey slate of lore on the middle right.

How may I add to the collection?

You wish to see your work placed within the Library of Loures? Study well, and use the Gift of the Aisling. Submit your work to the master librarian of Loures.

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