The Library of Loures is the most complete collection of ancient tomes, scrolls, and Aisling work in all of Temuair. It is contained primarily in a vaulted room to the west of the throne room in Loures Castle. While this room contains most of the commonly saught works that scholars come looking for, it is known that a vast vault is kept elsewhere in the castle, accessible only by the head librarian, Blaise. Requests for subjects not represented, so long as they are not those that are forbidden by the kingdom, can often be requested from Blaise. He will always do his best to acquire books requested, and often times can fetch them from the annex or from behind the myriad of hidden compartments he employs in the Library.

Aislings will find the subjects arranged in one of several catagories, though there are uncatalogued tomes in the library (usually forbidden tomes that have been on the shelves for countless Deochs) that one will have to pain-stakingly seek out on their own if they wish to read them. Such books, like the Grimoire of the Pentagram for example, are just as much of a fixture of the library as the Aisling works are. Blaise, who is bound to uphold the laws of Loures, is so dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge that he often turns a blind eye to the existence of such subjects in his library.

For those seeking Aisling works, you can find them listed on the four grey slates. Each corresponds to a specific subject for ease of access. Additional works may be accessed at the Online Library , here on the Wiki, or at one of the fansites that has made copies of the works contained within.