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Rowena, Faerie Tailor

The Dalmatica is a distinctive armor for the male priest tailored in the traditional faerie style. According to Rowena, "Darkness stood at the doorstep of human and faerie kind. A priest withstood torture and sacrificed himself. We immortalize him in his dress, the Dalmatica." It is easily recognizable by the wide-legged coveralls which are worn over a baggy, long sleeved tunic. The Faerie say that the fashion encourages a dialog between the body and the earth. Those who seek this fabled armor must seek out the Faerie tailor Rowena who will construct the garment for those who are worthy. While the garment can be taken to tailors to have it dyed and altered in the style of the region, the only mundane who has been able to reproduce the garment is the master tailor Violet, who is trained in Faerie tailoring.


There are three methods to crafting your insight 97 armor:

  • Aisling of Talgonite: The most common method of crafting armor, you will be required to provide 25 finished talos and sacrifice 50,000,000 exp at insights 97 and 98 or 100,000,000 exp if done at insight 99.
  • Aisling of Mythril: You may create your armor using this method if you have mentored students 200 times. In addition you will be required to provide five consecratedMythril Shields of the same God.
  • Aisling of Hy-Brasyl: Those who have Aisling recognition or higher through the Mileth College can craft their armor this way by providing only a finished Hy-Brasyl.

Regional VariationsEdit

Loures Mileth Rucesion Suomi Oren
Dalmatica l
Dalmatica m
Dalmatica r
Dalmatica s
Dalmatica o

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