Duin usal










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Rowena, Faerie Tailor

The Duin-Uasal is a garment that originated from the noble wizards in Rucesion; it was meant to be worn by the artistocratic elite, which is why you must be of the highest insights to wear it. Since it's creation, all the tailors who knew of it's construction have passed away. There are only two surviving people in Temuair who can make the Duin-uasal; the Faerie tailor, Rowena and the master tailor Violet. According to Rowena, "The Duin-uasal is the clothing of the gentleman. It is said that essence of night ebbs in the dark clothing and the rays of the sun shine at the edges". Unlike the other tailors in Oren, Violet's pattern is not an immitation of the original; the plans were passed down to her through her family.


There are three methods to crafting your insight 96 armor:

  • Aisling of Talgonite: The most common method of crafting armor, you will be required to provide 25 finished talos and sacrifice 50,000,000 exp at insights 96,97, and 98 or 100,000,000 exp if done at insight 99.
  • Aisling of Mythril: You may create your armor using this method if you have mentored students 200 times. In addition you will be required to provide five consecratedMythril Shields of the same God.
  • Aisling of Hy-Brasyl: Those who have Aisling recognition or higher through the Mileth College can craft their armor this way by providing only a finished Hy-Brasyl.

Regional VariationsEdit

Loures Mileth Rucesion Suomi Oren
Duin usal l
Duin usal m
Duin usal r
Duin usal s
Duin usal o

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