The Fool's Gift is a randomly occuring package that appears around April Fool's Day (April 1st). When opened you will receive an exclusive Item Shop weapon, armor, or accessory. These items cannot be exchanged at the bank and will vanish from your inventory when the April Fool's Day event ends.


The following is a list of items confirmed to come from the Fool's Gift:

  • Army Cap
  • Army Helmet
  • Army Combat Uniform
  • Army Backpack
  • Army Vest
  • Machine Gun
  • Pilot Buddy
  • Tank Mount 1
  • Tank Mount 2
  • Red Ranger Helmet
  • Red Ranger Suit
  • Green Ranger Helmet
  • Green Ranger Suit
  • Blue Ranger Helmet
  • Blue Ranger Suit
  • Pink Ranger Helmet
  • Pink Ranger Suit
  • Yellow Ranger Helmet
  • Yellow Ranger Suit
  • Killer Shoe
  • Fan Buddy
  • Fridge Buddy

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