Francis is a master with explosive powders that curates a yearly fireworks show at the behest of King Bruce. Francis does his firework shows every three hours and sends world shouts to announce as show approaches. For those who have the money but not the patience, he can also be convinced to sell his precious fireworks.

Additionally Francis has also been tasked with handing out packages to protect Aislings from the summer sun in Paradise Beach. These he gives out free of charge, so be sure to speak with Francis before the end of the summer event to get your Sun Protection package!

Francis can be found on the front steps of Loures Castle (29,43)


  • Fireworks Burst -- 20,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Boom -- 20,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Swirl -- 20,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Big Bang -- 150,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Big Burst -- 150,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Big Boom -- 150,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Big Swirl -- 150,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Bigger Bang -- 175,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Bigger Burst -- 175,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Bigger Boom -- 175,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Bigger Swirl -- 175,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Biggest Bang -- 225,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Biggest Burst -- 225,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Biggest Boom -- 225,000 Coins
  • Fireworks Biggest Swirl -- 225,000 Coins

Sun ProtectionEdit

I heard the Paradise Area is now open. King Bruce wants all the Aisling protected from the harmful sun. Please take it.

I'm pretty sure all the items are self-explanatory. Here it is anyways:

  • Billed Cap: Protects you from the sun; gives 1,000 HP/MP when you wear it.
  • Sun Tan Lotion: Turns your skill (skin?) permanently to a golden brown color.
  • Sun Block Lotion: Protects you from the sun, but turn you to a pale color.

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