Ganesha is a Mukul Kerani, an artisan amongst the Mukul society of the Mehadi Swamp. If one would seek to learn of the Mukul, it is advised to bring an offering for the knowledge, as the Mukul are very guarded about their society. Ganesha can be found in the Rishi Mukul Gathering ((16,27)).



Offer something to learn from this Kerani?

Can you tell me about yourself?

I'm a Kerani. In old times we crafted the bells of worship. We embellished the bells with epic struggles.

What things do Mukul value?

We value the parts of creatures from the swamp, as the Latika can tell.

What stories do the Mukul tell?

We speak of Matrika, the goddess of the sun. She sacrificed herself for the good of the Mukul. As she did so, she began the cycle that will create the salvation of the Mukul.

We speak of Natesh, the sixth god. He is the most recent god of the Mukul, as the Vibha know. Natesh is a ravishing god. It is so hungry that it must be fed Tulsi flowers.

We speak of the frogs who lived long before Natesh, long before humans, in the old culture where now there are sewers. The frogs have met the old ones.

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