The Golden Starfish (often referred to as GSF) is a prized seafood that can be consumed by Aislings. Aside from it's appetizing taste, this starfish is highly sought-after due to the experience bonus it grants after eating. Golden Starfish are plentiful along the shores of Paradise Beach which is open to Aislings for a brief period during the summer. You will also be rewarded with the legend mark "Found a Golden Starfish" after your first meal.

Experience and Ability RewardEdit

Although the Golden Starfish is a variable item based on insight and ability, the first time use grants 50,000,000 exp. After that it's a static 5,500,000 exp for level 99 Aislings. For those looking to advance in their Medenian paths, it is suggested to pair this item with other reward items like Andor Chests, Frog Sets or Mother Erbie Gifts. An important thing to consider is that, since GSF are ability based, you should always use static items like chests or quest items before using the starfish.

Ability 1-10 10,000 AP
Ability 11-20 20,000 AP
Ability 21-30 30,000 AP
Ability 31-40 40,000 AP
Ability 41-50 50,000 AP
Ability 51-60 60,000 AP
Ability 61-70 70,000 AP
Ability 71-80 80,000 AP

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