Just like fishing in Temuair, fishing on Paradise Beach can be a rewarding way to pass the time. Due to the unusually warm waters of Paradise Beach you can catch fish that are unique to the tropical coast. There are three fish that gather along the south coast of Paradise (Paradise 3); Anchovies, Sardines and Herring. These fish cannot be caught anywhere else in the land, so try to catch as many as you can in Paradise!


Since the water and fish are of a different sort than those in Temuair, you'll need to purchase an Island Fishing Rod and Island Fishing Bait from Ruba. With the rod equipped and the bait in your inventory, you'll want to go to the coast and rapidly click on nearby fish. There is always the potential that you'll lose your bait to a savvy fish, or that you might pull up a useless boot. The patient and steadfast Aisling will walk away with a fine haul, though, so stick with it.


Despite the sense of satisfaction you'll have at the end of your day of fishing, those who are looking for further goodies and use their catch to feed the dolphins for rewards. Head down to Paradise 4 (south of Paradise 2) and find a playful dolphin in the water. You'll need to be quick; get as close as possible and drag the fish from your inventory onto the dolphin you're trying to feed. If you have multiple of the same fish in your inventory, a good technique is to drop all but one on the ocean floor so you wont be asked to specify the quantity you intend to feed, then pick them up once you've tossed the fish to the dolphin. You will be rewarded based on the fish you fed to the dolphin:

Anchovy Leaf Band
Herring Lei Band
Sardine Stargazer

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