Jay, along with Courtney, is a court jester in the employ of King Bruce. Jay is often the subject of King Bruce's abuse.

Piet SewersEdit


This place will become a swamp if they don't unclog the Piet Sewers.

Where do they unclog the sewers at?

Well, it's not so easy. There's a brown earth mound in Piet. Underneath it is the entrance to the Piet Sewers. Somewhere in there is an area where the walls are green and so is the water. Anemones attack, and there's an old bridge of the water. By the bridge, workers unclog the sewage.

How do they unclog the sewers?

The workers impale an anemone and use it to scrub the way clean. If there's something really solid there, they dig it out I suppose. They throw the awful bits into a nearby barrel that rots from it's awful contents.

How do you know this?

I know because I worked there. It was a punishment for unsatisfactory results. Blame me, they will!

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