King David & the Donut (front cover)

original DVD front cover

King David & the Donut (back cover)

original DVD back cover

King David and the Donut is a 2012 Non-VeggieTales TV video, which aired on TV on September 1, 2012. It was also released on DVD on November 3, 2012.


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Character Cast:Edit


  • Eric Jacobson: Grover (from Sesame Street)
  • Gord Robertson: Zoboo (from Zoboomafoo)
  • Phil Vischer: Bob the Tomato
  • Mike Nawrocki: Larry the Cucumber


  • Jeff Bennett: King David
  • Phil Vischer: Bob the Tomato (as Louis), Mr. Nezzer (as Stefan), Archibald Asparagus (as Mervin)
  • Pamela Ayden: Lucky (from 101 Dalmatians: The Series)
  • Grey DeLisle: Rebecca (from 101 Dalmatians: The Series)


  • Phil Vischer: Jimmy Gourd (as Omelet), Phillippe Pea (as Servant #2), Archibald Asparagus, Mr. Lunt (as Ophelia), Percy Pea (as Young Lad)
  • Mike Nawrocki: Jean-Claude Pea (as Servant #1), Jerry Gourd (as Polonius)
  • Paul Rosenburg: Bill
  • Jackie Ritz: Barbara Manatee


  1. VeggieTales: Theme Song (original 1993) (from VeggieTales: Are You My Neighbor? (1995; 1995 Word Ent. VHS release/1997 Lyrick Studios VHS reprint))
  2. Countertop Intro (part 1)
  3. Omelet (from VeggieTales: Lyle the Kindly Viking (2001; 2001 Word Ent. VHS release/2001 Lyrick Studios VHS recopy/2003 Warner Bros. VHS-DVD reprint))
  4. Countertop Intro (part 2)
  5. King David and the Donut (part 1)
  6. Silly Songs with Larry: Endangered Love (from VeggieTales: King George and the Ducky (2000; 2000 Word Ent. VHS release/2000 Lyrick Studios VHS recopy/2003 Sony Wonder VHS-DVD reprint))
  7. King David and the Donut (part 2)
  8. QWERTY Closer