The Mileth Altar was constructed by the ancient Aosda to honor the Goddess Danaan. As the altar predates the city of Mileth, it is often theorized that the city formed around the altar with it as it's focal point. By offering gifts on the altar, it is possible to communicate directly with the Gods.

Sacrifice to the GodsEdit

Aislings wishing to garner favor with the Gods may do so by placing gifts to be sacrificed in the altar. Any item placed in the altar will vanish immediately, so take care not to accidently discard a precious item. If the Gods are pleased with your gifts they may speak to you, offer you aid, gifts, or, if you're a priest, the covetted Altar Worshipper legend mark.



In order to begin the rite of ascension Aislings must sacrifice a Succubus's Hair in the Mileth Altar. Doing so will mark you with a Death Knell and remove the God's protections, making you vulnerable to harm from other Aislings. When you are murdered and find yourself in Sgrios's realm, do not speak with him, but instead explore the rubble along the western wall. Beneath the rocks is a portal that will transport your spirit to Kaddath , home of the Gods. Here you may speak with Deoch or Luathas to exchange Experience points for health points or mana, respectively. When finished you may descend back to the realm of the living with no scar and no loss of equipment.

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