Mundane Birth is a roleplaying feature that allows you to dictate where and when your Aisling character was born. It is a simple series of questions, and at the end Riona will mark on your legend your time and place of birth, though the equation used to determine the year has been innacurate for some time. It is a useful quest for those who are interested in the roleplaying aspect of Dark Ages, or those who are trying to build large legends.


Talk to Riona, the Mileth Innkeeper, and answer her questions about your mundane birth. At the end of her survey she will make a note on your Legend so that other players may know where you were born.

Quest TextEdit

You recall your mundane birth? That is good. But be warned that once you recall your mundane birth it cannot be altered, except by realizing that many of your memories are false ((-100,000 Experience!)).

Do you know about the town in which you spent most of your mundane years? It must be close to one of the known towns of Eastern Temuair: Abel, Mileth, Piet, Rucesion, Suomi, or Undine. Ask fellow Aislings, or visit the library ((

I have investigated my past

You know that a memory set cannot be altered without extreme hardship and agony ((-100,000 Experience!))

I am committed to this

I will ask you how old you are, but first, let me know which season you were born in


How old are you now? As you may know, a mundane cannot become an Aisling before her 12th birthday, nor after the 40th birthday.

My mundane birth was __ years ago from today.

Which land were you born in?

I've made some error, excuse me.

She winks, "It's on your legend now".


Sample legend mark denoting mundane birth