The Oren Island Jungle Armor Shop is a small hut deep within the third circle of Oren Jungle. The store is run by the mundane smith Violet. Because of the hostile area the shop is located in, Violet asks that you kill one of each of the beasts before you enter. As a reward for this service, she will quietly reward you with 100,000exp. There are four monsters you'll need to destroy before she will let you in:

Kobold Soldier Kobold Warrior Kobold Guard Red Wasp


You find a small note: "Hello, this is my armor shop. I moved out here from town to avoid the pirates. But now my shop is surrounded by mean creatures. Can you help me out by killing one of each creature around my shop? If you do, I'll let you in my shop. -Violet"


The Oren Island Jungle Armor Shop is located at Oren Island Jungle 10 (26, 11). Enter the Oren Jungle's third circle and follow the path until you reach the 10th area. The store is on the north side of the path.

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