Paulin is the greedy caretaker of Jacqueline, Cyril's daughter, who has fallen deathly ill. He stands vigilant guard outside her room and does his best to cater to her needs.

Cyril and the Sick ChildEdit


Yes. May I help you? ... Oh! You're an Aisling.

When he was living, had you seen Cyril?

I've seen him a little.

Perhaps you've seen him more.

I might have. I get it confused.

Offer 1,000 coins to remember one thing

You've seen what he writes?

One time a letter was open that I might have passed my eyes over.

What might it contain?

Things. Somethings like: I need to secure this pact before it's too late. It's life or death like you wouldn't understand.

You've heard him come by?

He's a horrid sleeper. He groans something I wouldn't believe.

Do you know anything about Cyril's death?

I might have heard a few things

Offer 1,000 coins to remember

When the servant woman arrived, the servant says that in his room was the markings of a six-pointed star. She saw a ritualized dagger, like a wizard would use, strange burning incenses, and a shadow that was palpable.

The sick child, how is she?

She's not well. She hasn't been well since her night of howls. I hope she recovers soon, but I can't say.

Perhaps for 1,000 coins you can say

She's not well, and I... would like to see her get better, if she could, here. If not, then anywhere. Not many come to see her, althought the noises make you wonder.

Who has visited her?

Yes. A boy named Matthieu, a messenger, has visited her. You could recognize  that he wasn't well-to-do. He was missing a tooth on the right side of his mouth. At least he dressed as a messenger, including the velvet braid in his vest. But his message was written on his heart and not on any scroll. He was the only one who loves her.

Have you heard anything unusual?

I certainly didn't smell anything unusual... Sorry, it's a joke. I can't smell. No need to apologize. I'd hate to be like Jay, the jester whose been in the sewers and CAN smell.

Did the sick child say anything?

Once when her lover, the messenger, was here she shared a secret with him. I could tell it was a secret by how silent they were. It was something about love and a promise. He promised to bring something to make her well.

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