Safe Beach is a quest of environmental conservation. Ruba, the Paradise Beach bartender will task you with collecting dangerous Starfish from the area. This quests requires nothing but time and patience, and is rewarded with an 8,000,000 EXP reward, a Pet Blue Octopus, and a legend mark "Saved Paradise Beach". 


For this quest you need to collect 40 Dangerous Starfish from Paradise Beach and bring them to Ruba who will relocate them. The Dangerous Starfish and the Harmless Starfish look exactly the same, so the best strategy is to comb the beaches picking up all the pink starfish (and the Golden Starfish, as well). Once you have 40 Dangerous Starfish in your inventory, return them to Ruba for your reward.

Quest TextEdit


Oh, hello there ____!

Are you interested in keep the beach safe for Aislings?

Sure, I'm willing to help!


Starfish are known as some of the most beautiful animals in the sea.

Starfish are carnivores. Generally, they will only eat snails, clams, and mussels, but they are known to eat other small animals, including fish.

Because of the ever increasing numbers of starfish showing up on the beach, the wildlife of the area may become effected in a negative way.

King Bruce is determined to keep the beach a paradise this summer, and so he asked us to collect as many dangerous starfish as we can to relocate them.

This being said, would you mind helping collect a few?

Yes, I'm glad to help.


All you need to catch 40 Dangerous Starfish that show up on shores of these beaches.

As a reward, I will give you a Pet Starfish and other goodies!

Once you're done collecting the dangerous starfishes, come see me for your reward.

I see you have returned ______.

Do you want to claim your reward now?

Yes, please!

Lemme see if you caught 40 Starfish.

Thank you for keeping Paradise Beach SAFE! Here is your Pet Blue Octopus!

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