Stefan is a mundane attaché assigned to the Rangers to assist them in their duty. While Stefan is a busy mundane, he is always happy to talk to interested Aislings about the responsibilities of the Rangers.

On RangersEdit

This is the Ranger station.

Would you like to know more about the Rangers?


What would you like to know?

What is a Ranger?

Rangers are aisling enforcers of Temurian law ((terms of service)). They wander the lands arresting those who commit acts of sleephunting, profanity, sexual harassment and any other violation of Temurian law. Rangers do not enforce city laws such as theft, murder or any other aisling written law.

Where do Rangers have jurisdiction?

Rangers have jurisdiction anywhere within Temuair and Medenia for any offense under their authority.

How does someone become a Ranger?

Rangers are appointed by the Mundanes ((Kru Staff)) or by the Master Ranger. Rangers are chosen based on proven ability in city politics and for their qualities of fairness, objectivity, ability to remain calm within strife and demonstrated virtue of abiding by the laws and customs of Temuair. Applications for Ranger are not accepted.

What does a Ranger look like?

Rangers wear a uniform similar to city guards (tabard) but yellow in color.

How do I get a mark of arrest or autohunting forgiven?

It is not possible to remove a Ranger arrest or mark of auto-hunting.

What happens when I am arrested by a ranger?

You are imprisoned in Loures dungeon, for one Temurian day ((3 hours)) for an arrest, for auto-hunting you are imprisoned until you regain consciousness. After 9 arrests by a Ranger for any reason you will be banished from Temuair ((account blocked)).

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