Varuna is a Mukul Vibha, a historian in the Mukul society of the Mehadi Swamp.  If one would seek to learn of the Mukul, it is advised to bring an offering for the knowledge, as the Mukul are very guarded about their society. Varuna can be found in the Rishi Mukul Gathering ((29,20))

Marauder LegendEdit

Rogues who would seek the Nightmare Quest should speak to Varuna about the Marauder Legend.



Hello. What can I do for you?


Offer something to learn from this Vibha?

Tell me about you

I am Vibha. We know the numbers. We know the history of the Mukul, the times of the ceremonies. We are the chroniclers of Mukul. We chronicle by generations of Mukul. We begin with the first generation of Mukul alive when Natesh, the sixth god, was born.

1st Natesh  Natesh was born.

Natesh is the sixth god. He was born with five other nameless gods and one horrible creature. Each is evil, but Natesh vows to protect the Mukul from them.

3rd Natesh  Natesh demanded offering.

Natesh demanded that Mukul make an offering to him. We, the Vibha, remember the exact times and what the offering must be.

16th Natesh  Natesh demanded the Tulsi Mela.

Natesh demanded the Tulsi from the Mukul. We now perform a ceremony to provide Natesh with that sacred flower. Natesh says his heart must be rekindled by the flower.

17th Natesh  Tirtha Chandi. Rebels of the Ford.

Mukul society is a unified river. The Tirtha Chandi left the society en masse. They would not make the Tulsi Mela sacrifice to Natesh.

23rd Natesh  Matrika sacrificed herself.

Matrika sacrificed herself so that the Mukul may later have a savior from the five gods and the horror.

23rd Natesh  Great Ratri Mela.

We make the greatest Tulsi sacrifice ceremony in this generation.

28th Natesh  The Last Ratri. The Destruction.

If we do not appease Natesh, it will be the last Ratri. The Ratri will wipe out all of the Mukul, as the Jivanta will tell you.

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