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This's the 2012 DVD edition of VeggieTales: King George and the Ducky.


The show starts with Jimmy Gourd and Jerry Gourd taking over the whole show, without the "real" Bob the Tomato and the "real" Larry the Cucumber around. Jimmy's playing Bob and Jerry's playing Larry (both without being recognized) for the start. "Bob" (Jimmy) says that they've got a letter from a boy named, "Jimmy" (of Texas) who has a problem with another boy named, "Jerry" (of New Mexico) who won't play with him (Note: That's the part of selfishness.). "Larry" (Jerry) says he has a tale for "Jimmy" (of Texas) and "Jerry" (of New Mexico), that would help "Jerry" (of New Mexico) to never be selfish to "Jimmy" (of Texas). The tale's called, "The English Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down with All the Bananas" (or rightly known as, "The Englishman and the Swede"). The tale starts.

There's no plot in this tale, but instead here's the transcript on it.:

(Tale begins in the style of an old-fashioned movie, before the tale's title comes up as...)

Jerry: (voice-over) "The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down with All the Bananas".

(Camera pans down to show Scallion # 1 wearing an Englishman costume while standing next to a big pile of bananas.)

Englishman (Scallion #1): Hello, I'm the Englishman who went up a hill and came down with all the bananas, leaving, of course, the inhabitants of the hill with no bananas, and therefore, bestowing the term "selfish" upon myself.

Jean-Claude: (off-screen) You're so selfish!

Englishman: I know, but I've got all the bananas!

Jean-Claude: (off-screen) Well, arentcha gonna eat them?

Englishman: Why of course not! You can't eat bananas without strawberries!

(Camera whip pans over to show Jerry wearing a Swedish costume while standing next to a big pile of strawberries.)

Swede (Jerry): Hello! I'm the Swede who went up a hill and came down with all the strawberries, leaving, of course, the inhabitants of the hill with no strawberries, and therefore, bestowing the term "selfish" upon myself.

(Jimmy comes up to Jerry.)

Jimmy: You're not Swedish!

Swede: Shh!

(Jimmy rolls his eyes and leaves.)

Phillippe: (off-screen) You're so selfish!

Swede: I know, but I've got all the strawberries!

Phillippe: (off-screen) Well, arentcha gonna to eat them?

Swede: Oh no! You canno' eat strawberries without bananas!

(Camera pans out to show a wide view of the Englishman and the Swede.)

Englishman: Pardon me, good sir Swede, could you spare a strawberry?

Swede: Uh, no?

Jean-Claude: (off-screen) You're so selfish!

Swede: Excuse me, Mr. Englishman, could I trick on you for a banana?

Englishman: Uh, no.

Phillippe: (off-screen) You're so selfish! You guys're just not so bright!

Jerry: (voice-over) The end.

Right back to the plot where it was.:

After the end of their tale, "Bob" (Jimmy) and "Larry" (Jerry) say that was a good one, but that was also part of selfishness. It would help "Jerry" (of New Mexico) play with "Jimmy" (of Texas), but it didn't work, so it was a fake tale. "Bob" (Jimmy) and "Larry" (Jerry) have an idea to make a better tale to help "Jerry" (of New Mexico) be nice and play with "Jimmy" (of Texas). The perfect tale's called, "King George and the Ducky", which works well. This good-working tale starts.

In the tale, there lived a king named King George (Larry the Cucumber) who lived in a very big castle. While his kingdom's in the middle of a pie war, all he ever does is hang out in his bathtub and play with his rubber ducky. King George's assistant Louis (Bob the Tomato) always urges him to stop fooling around and start taking part in leading his troops in the pie war. But King George always ignores Louis and focuses on him and his rubber duck collection. One day, as King George looks over his kingdom, he notices a poor boy named Thomas (Junior Asparagus) bathing outside and playing with his own rubber duck. Filled with envy, King George's focus's all on Thomas's duck and will do stop at nothing to get the duck. Meanwhile, Cedric (Scallion #1; but sometimes the role is considered as for Archibald Asparagus), King George's top general of his army, comes by to inform King George that his army's desperite need of more soldiers. Seeing this as an opportunity to snatch Thomas's duck, King George says that Thomas'll be willing to enlist and to send him to the front line alone. King George and Louis begin to prep for taking the duck.

The silly song opens as usual, but Archibald jumps in and changes the silly song into "Classy Songs with Larry". The song's Larry's High Silk Hat. In it, "Larry" (Jerry)'s sidding on a bench waiting for the city link bus and bragging to the local bystanders about his high silk hat and his box of chocolate. But as he's waiting, the hot sun comes up and "Larry" (Jerry)'s afraid that his hat'll splat and his chocolate'll melt. To keep it safe, he places both his items beside him, but Apollo Gourd sits on them squashing him. Just as "Larry" (Jerry) sits in disappointment and misses his bus, Scallion #1 walks by and "Larry" (Jerry) asks him for his name, but he says that he never has a name and walks off.

Lader that night, King George and Louis head out to Louis's house to take the duck. They take the duck from Thomas's house and head back to the castle. At the castle, Cedric comes in with Thomas, who has won the baddle all by himself but is suffering terrible PTSD from the battle. King George doesn't feel remorse and focuses on the duck. Louis snaps at King George for being selfish and focusing on what he cares about. Meanwhile, Melvin (Pa Grape), a taleteller, comes in and tells a parable about a rich man who has a lot of sheep and a poor man who has only one sheep which he loves very deeply. When the rich man's visited from the guest, he goes to the poor man and steals his sheep to serve as dinner to his guest. Demanding who the horrible rich man is, Melvin points out that the rich man is King George himself. Melvin tells George that whether he's a king or kid, God wants him to put others first. King George then heads to Thomas and puts him in his bath and give back his duck to make up for his sins. King George, Louis, and Thomas then sing a song about when it's always right about puddin' people first.

After the tale, back on the countertop, "Bob" (Jimmy) and "Larry" (Jerry) say to "Jimmy" (of Texas) and "Jerry" (of New Mexico), that King George learned that it was the right thing to share, from being selfish. Then, QWERTY gives them a verse, which says, "Love each other as brothers and sisters, and honor others more than you do yourself. Romans 12:10". "Bob" (Jimmy) and "Larry" (Jerry) tell "Jimmy" (of Texas) to have "Jerry" (of New Mexico) be nice to him, and play with him. "Bob" (Jimmy) and "Larry" (Jerry) say that's all for today, and they tell the viewers, "God made you special, and He love You very much!". At the end of the show, they say goodbye. The show ends.

Character Voice Cast:Edit

Mike Nawrocki voices:
Larry the Cucumber as King George
Jerry Gourd as himself (factually dressed as "Larry the Cucumber", the same costume) and the Swede
Jean-Claude Pea as himself (offscreen only) and the French bicyclist (cameo)
Phil Vischer voices:
Bob the Tomato as Louis
Jimmy Gourd as himself (factually dressed as "Bob the Tomato", the same costume) and his own self
Phillippe Pea as himself (offscreen only) and the French bicyclist
Archibald Asparagus as himself
consideration: Archibald Asparagus as Cedric and himself
Scallion #1 as the Englishman and Cedric
consideration: Scallion #1 as the Englishman
Mr. Nezzer as himself
Apollo Gourd as himself (doesn't speak)
Pa Grape as Melvin
Silly Song Narrator as himself
Lisa Vischer voices:
Junior Asparagus as Thomas
Kurt Heinicke voices:
Art Bigoddi as himself (doesn't speak, but sings)
Charlote Jackson voices:
Ms. Achmetha as herself (doesn't speak, but sings)


  1. Theme Song (2010) (from Pistachio (2010))
  2. Countertop Intro (pt. 1)
  3. The Englishman and the Swede (from King George and the Ducky (2000))
  4. Countertop Intro (pt. 2)
  5. King George and the Ducky (pt. 1) (from King George and the Ducky (2000))
  6. Classy Songs with Larry: Larry's High Silk Hat (from Lyle the Kindly Viking (2001))
    1. Nt.: replacing Silly Songs with Larry: Endangered Love (from King George and the Ducky (2000))
  1. King George and the Ducky (pt. 2) (from King George and the Ducky (2000))
  2. QWERTY Closer
  3. End Credits


  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. I Love My Duck
    1. I Love My Duck (#2)
    2. I Must Have It
    3. More Wronger (it's more wrong, it'sn't more wrong-er)
  3. Larry's High Silk Hat
  4. There Once was a Man
  5. Selfish Song
  6. What We Have Learned


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