Violet is the Great Great Grandaughter of the legendary smith Miraedus. Unlike the other tailors and smiths in Oren, her variants are of impecible quality which rivals even that of the armor she is reproducing. In addition to offering several armors for Aislings in their 99th insight, she can also restore Grand Master armors if yours has been destroyed in battle. In an attempt to escape the pirates that invaded Oren, she moved her business to the Oren Island Jungle Armor Shop without taking in to consideration the hostile monsters that stalk the jungle.


((Say 'Miraedus' out loud))

How did you know that name? My Great Great Grandfather, the legendary armorer Miraedus.

My father told me great stories about him, how he forged the Grand Armors of Temuair.

The skill that crafted those armors was passed on through our family line. But none took the craft of a black smith until I.

But I have never seen the Grand Armors, so I cannot replicate it.


Violet creates and sells several alternatives to the traditional insight 96 armors. Because of their improved character they are only wearable by Aislings in their 99th insight. Even though she is a master of her craft, even Violet is not able to forge the Hy-Brasyl Armor or Hy-Brasyl Plate as those techniques are known only to the dwarf smiths.

Male Armor Female Armor

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